Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Slimming Testimony

This was me on 31st March 2009!
Approximately 2 weeks later when I did my first review on
13th April 2009..

Why do i want to slim down?
I want to slim down because my R.O.M is on 9th of August 2009 than i think is time for me to slim down for this Big Day for me and my Wife Joycelyn. To give her Surpise, but i dunno i can Slim down abit anot will it be too late to start? I only got 6 months time only..

On 29th March 2009 my Wife Joycelyn bring me to Marina Parade Wellness Sactary to do my In-Body Machine, i told myself that my health shouldnt be that bad cos i only got beer belly but i was wrong. Cos after finish the test my results was not as good as i think, my consultant-in-charge Rei say although your age is 24 years old, your body looks like 42 years old uncle. OMG! Could you imagine how bad it is.? Haha so Sad Right..?

After that i go sign package from my consultant for 1 and a half months program.

The first 2 weeks is the crucial part why i say that is because you need to be self decipline yourself to achieve good results and follow the diet that the consultant tells you. From there onwards i can see results in 2 weeks time. My first review after the first 2 weeks, i lose 3kg already but dun depend on weight cos they focus on slimming the right way and lose fats only. i really see a big difference on my beer tummy as shown in the above picture. So from there i believe the slimming centre works well, definitely, its also based on my own hard work.

What i feel about Acupunture Slimming?
Alot of people tell me that Acupunture Slimming use needles to poke inside ur tummy is painful and the needles they use is recycle all that. I am scared at that moment. But when i 1st started to try the 1st session wad they say is all wrong. Cos when they use the needle to poke inisde ur tummy is Painless and the needles they use is not Recycle the needles is very hygiene 100% guarantee!

How did I do it?
All thanks to Acupuncture Slimming and my strong determination for that 1 & a half months slimming program.
And not to forget, my Wellness Consultant-in-charge, Rei Yang, and my Nutritionist William for being there for me and guiding me patiently to slim down right.

If I can do it, you can too! =)

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